Summer is definitely here with its long sunny days. Despite all its benefits, the sun can also have harmful effects, sun protection is required.

Just as we coat our face and body with sunscreen, it is essential to protect our eyes with sunglasses . For many activities these are useful all year round but become an essential complement for the summer period.

The chosen sunglasses must meet several criteria:

  • Protection
  • Aesthetics
  • Quality

The notion of aesthetics is certainly not the most important for sunglasses but it is essential because the sunglasses must cover and please you in order to become your best friends! Wearing your sunglasses to go outside in the summer should be a reflex.

Good protection is fundamental. Large covering glasses will protect your eyes and ocular appendages (eyelids, conjunctiva, corner of the eye, etc.) from damage from the rays, as will protective glasses adapted according to use and geographical location. Indeed, solar radiation is more intense and harmful when light is reflected on certain surfaces: water, sand, road, snow mainly.

The quality of the sunglasses is "vital", first of all your glasses must absolutely bear the CE logo on one of the temples. This certifies that the lenses meet the solar standard of European legislation as well as the protection category ranging from 0 to 4.

Attention !

Many cool looking glasses are counterfeits and fitted with badly made lenses. On June 16, French customs got their hands on a batch of 12,000 “dangerous” sunglasses from China.

These glasses are dangerous and especially for the youngest. They are certainly tinted, the wearer then has the feeling of being protected because less dazzled. It is then that the pupil dilates (a normal and natural phenomenon of the eye) and leaves the door wide open to UV rays and harmful radiation.

This is why it is essential to obtain your solar equipment from an optician!