Identify a real pair of Ray-Bans

It is sometimes difficult to differentiate between Ray-Ban copies and originals ! Indeed, for several years RB has been the fashionable brand that everyone is snapping up; this is why it is widely copied and reproduced to be resold on the beaches or in the various tourist markets. Through this article we will give you some tips that will be useful for you to identify a real pair of Ray-Ban .

Recognize the Ray-Ban Aviator model

This model is a bit special. It is important to check that the mention "Ray-Ban" in white is written on the lens at the top left. For the polarized model the "Ray-Ban" is followed by a "P". Also check that the letters "R" and "B" are capitalized!

Look inside the branches, many references should be written there. On the left branch you must find the reference. Depending on the models, the references may vary: RB3025, RB3362, RB8041, RB3026, RB3044, RB3415Q, RB3423, RB8029K, RB8301, RB8307.

Behind the reference, you will find the name of the model as well as several codes. Take a good look at the last number, which consists of two digits, a square and two other digits. This must be engraved under the crossbar connecting the two lenses and preceded by the inscription Ray Ban.

Other Ray-Ban models

For all other models check that on the right lens at mid-height an RB logo is laser engraved on the outer face of the lens. Note that only the RB3211 models do not have the engraving. In addition, all Ray-Ban straight arms have the mention "Made in Italy" and the "CE" logo for conformity.

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