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Opticlair Virucidal, Disinfectant, Bactericidal and Fungicidal Cleaning Wipes

Box of 30 Opticlair disinfectant virucidal wipes ideal for travel because they are easy to use and take up little space.

These hydroalcoholic, virucidal, disinfectant, bactericidal and fungicidal wipes are soaked in an effective multifunction hydroalcoholic solution. You can not only use them to clean your reading glasses, sunglasses, goggles but also your hands they are indeed impregnated with a hydro-alcoholic solution.
These wipes are perfect for cleaning and degreasing all optical surfaces such as telephones, computer screens, photo lenses... which will remain even cleaner thanks to their antistatic action.
The plus point: use them to disinfect your shopping cart when you go shopping, your motorcycle helmet or your headphones...

Hydroalcoholic virucidal wipes made in France .

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Lisbeth GURY

Très bien, pratique et indispensable, lingettes efficaces et hygiéniques, je les utilise également pour mon portable !

richard tengowski
enfin une lingette qui marche!

Beaucoup mieux que l'Opticlair précédent Beauco! Plus humide et nettoie d'une manière très très satisfaisante! A recommander absolument.