Lead radiation protection glasses 0.75pb Magenta Varionet - Supercontryx® lenses


Leaded Radiation Protection Glasses MAGENTA Varionet - Supercontryx® Lenses

To prevent risks and protect the eyes of operators in contact with ionizing rays, the Varionet company has developed a pair of leaded radiation protection glasses in partnership with Sovis.

The radiation protection glasses are equipped with X Ready lacquered adhesive lead sheets and Supercontryx lenses lead glass Pb 0.75 mm CE certified. These lenses provide protection against X-rays and gamma rays while remaining transparent.

Varionet-Verres Supercontryx® Radioprotection leaded glasses are treated with a multi-layer anti-glare to obtain a light transmission rate of 98.87% .

The branches are interchangeable and adjustable in height and depth.

The radiation protection glasses are supplied with an optical box containing a microfiber, an adjustable safety cord, two sets of temples, an anti-fog spray, a safety carabiner attachment and a stylish glasses case.

Available with correction: single focus lenses or progressive lenses.

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Dimensions Varionet Glasses Protective glasses box Black
145mm 55mm 40mm 20mm 140-150mm

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