Eye protector basic soft mask EK11

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PROTECTIVE GLASSES flexible without correction

The basic soft safety goggles are ideal for grinding or sanding work. Light and comfortable mask to work in full protection.

Mechanical resistance category B of Standard EN 166 CE.

• Goggles / overgoggles with high impact one-piece lens and soft frame
• One-piece clear polycarbonate lens, ideal for indoor work
• Adjustment band and direct ventilation system
• They are used in most mechanical work (cutting, sanding, grinding, machining, milling, etc.).
• Suitable for wearers of prescription glasses.

Technical characteristics:
• Materials: Flexible PVC frame and one-piece polycarbonate lens
• Weight: 70g.
• Protection: Against medium energy impact, 120 m/s
• Visible light transmission: 91%.
• Optical quality: class 1 (no optical distortion).
• Compliance: this class II PPE complies with the provisions of EU Regulation 2016/425 and standard EN 166: 2001.
• EU Type Examination Certificate: No. 757412 issued by BSI GROUP, THE NETHERLANDS BV (Notified Body No: 2797) Say Building, John M.Keynesplein9, 1066 EP, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

CE marking: On the BVI 166 F CE frame:
- BVI symbolizes the manufacturer (Best Vision International),
- 166 symbolizes the number of the EN standard,
- F symbolizes the resistance to impact at 45m/s,
- CE symbolizes the conformity marking;
- On the 2C-1.2 BVI 1 B CE eyepiece
- 2C symbolizes the code number for UV filter; The letter C indicates good color perception
- Good UV filtration (protects against the blow of the arc)
- 1.2 symbolizes the rung number (colorless tint),
- BVI symbolizes the manufacturer,
- 1 symbolizes the optical class (permanent wear),
- B symbolizes the resistance to impact at 120m/s.
- CE symbolizes the conformity marking

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